Monday, May 25, 2015

Weekly Playlist: Current Faves

A couple, or 5, tunes soundtracking the parade which is my life this week:

1. Hard Wire--Shakey Graves
I saw Shakey Graves back in March in one of my favorite shows this year. If you have been to enough concerts with me, you know that I tend to bite my bottom lip to try to keep inside all my fangirl glee, and the glee was so strong that March night, that I am completely surprised that I didn't bite right through my lip. Hard Wired, off of his 2014 album, And the War Come,  was one of the last songs performed that night.  It turned into a beautiful sing-a-long with the crowd and it was just the perfect moment. And when you find a song that brings a perfect moment, you kinda have keep playing it.  

2. Strangers--Langhorne Slim & The Law
I've been a fan of Langhorne Slim since I heard his song "My Future," which is a cover of the old Blues "Future Blues", I mean you have to love a guy that has an appreciation of the Blues.  His new album, The Spirit Moves, doesn't come out until August, but the first single, "Strangers" was released last week, and I have played it so much, that I am pretty sure that all my neighbors now know it by heart. And that is what I call community service. 

3. Things Happen-Dawes
Dawes' songs always seem to have the perfect combination of sadness, introspective and truth in them, that makes you just want to shout AMEN, at the end of each performance.  Their new album, All Your Favorite Bands, comes out next week, but is streaming this week over at NPR. SPOILER ALERT: they will be making an appearance shortly in my Adventures in Audio series!

4.  One Last Look--Tom Waits
Did you catch Tom Waits on one of the last shows of David Letterman? Now, I know that he can be an acquired taste. I have a friend who swears he sounds like Cookie Monster, which I can never tell if that is an insult or a compliment, but I always response declaration with, "Well, then Cookie Monster is cooler then us all."  I love pretty much every note that Mr. Waits has ever sang, and holy cow, his performance of a new song, "One Last Look," on Letterman brought tears to my eyes. 

5. Mr. Tambourine Man--Bob Dylan
This past Sunday was Bob Dylan's birthday, so I spent a little bit of the long weekend listening to his greatest hits and watching some footage of his 1964 performance at the Newport Folk Festival. So great. So. Great. I can barely stand it. And there is a bonus in this clip: a young Pete Seeger!

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