Tuesday, February 24, 2015

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For a week or so I have been praying for chocolate cake and a mixtape. First, what a great title for a memoir, imiright? Second, my dad always told me I shouldn't pray for things that I could get myself, aka,  don't be a lazy soul.   Sadly, no chocolate cake has materialized yet, but maybe the Universe is working on that mixtape thing, since many of the bands that I find myself listening too lately are stomping through DC in the next couple months to play some of that fine live music for me (and other people too, I guess. but mainly for me).

Sleater Kinney: I'm actually seeing this band tomorrow night, the second of the two sold out shows, and I am beside myself exciting.  Along with the great blues legend Bessie Smith, Sleater Kinney was one of the bands that taught me that girls don't have to be delicate flowers who sit quietly in the corner. Girls can talk about the big things in life and not just the length of our skirts, and we have all the rights in the world to share our stories however we want.  I am very, very nervous of reunion bands that just reunited to try to relive a long ago moment. I don't Sleater Kinney falls in that group, at all. For one thing, they are touring with a new album, a great album, just released last month, and the energy of the new music just adds to their legend.  For another thing, they are still awesome. The end.

Sufjan Stevens: Every time Sujian Stevens releases a new album, I feel that the music collective holds it's breath: is it going to be weird Sufjan or genius Sufjan? We can all breathe a little easier, songs that are being released from his upcoming album,  are just goresous. He is coming to DC on May 5, which, sorry to be a Debbie Downer, is also the anniversary of my father's death. So, as corny as it seems to others, to me, this show is a little band-aid from the Universe helping to keep my heart together on a very sad day for me.

 Lord Huron: New stuff from this guy has just start to leak it's way down through the innerwebz, and into that part of our hearts that make us all warm and fuzzy, and deeply sigh. Coming to the District in May, one night of his two night parade is already sold out.

William Elliott Whitmore: the best description of WEW is that he sounds like he ate Tom Wait's voice box for breakfast. He can also be found in 87% of mixtapes I force on people.  His tour was just announced today (coming to DC in April with Esme Patterson, who is that classy lady in the below Shakey Graves vid!) and I think that I have played this new song from his upcoming album more times that I have taken breaths today.  He is know for his beautiful acoustic guitar and banjo skills, but he picks up an electronic guitar for this new records. I don't think it takes away from the rawness of his music, it just adds another layer.


Shakey Graves: because I am pretty much always listening to Shakey Graves. His March DC show is already sold out, because we love him here in the Nation's Capitol. We do. Everyone start warming up those handclaps!

 Madisen Ward and The Mama Bear : Not coming to DC (yet!), but this ma and son duo from Kansas City (!) are finally getting the attention that they deserved. So plate up some tastily KC BBQ and let the music sink in. 

Hey, anyone got some chocolate cake? I'm pretty sure that I have spent my entire food budget on concert tickets. In long run,  music probably is better for my health.


  1. Yay two new posts! And new tunes for my listening pleasure. Thanks, chica.

  2. So glad you're back! Hooray for awesome music!