Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Bits & Pieces: Snow Day Edition!

**There is a fresh layer of snow on the ground, schools, businesses, and governments, are closed and I'm here typing on my computer  in fuzzy socks and pink yoga pants, in the middle of the day, on a Tuesday. It's a Pancake Tuesday Miracle! I've got Brit/Irish blood sailing through my veins so this gentlewoman does Pancake (Shrove) Tuesday instead of Mardi Gras, but in theory the idea is basically the same, one last moment of debauchery before Lent starts , but instead of parades and beads, we do pancakes. The reasoning, other than duh, pancakes, is to use up the last lit bit of flour and sugar and all the things we give up during Lent. See also the double chocolate cookies that are currently cooling on my stove top.  

**The snow gods decided to knock out the local television stations from the cable lineup. At first, I was like, WHAT NO PEOPLE'S COURT? But then I realized what a boon this is, since we all know that during winter weather, local news folk will bust in every couple minutes to tell you that it is cold or that it is snowing and you are like, thanks I have a window, please go back to trashy daytime t.v.   Also, I've been told that I use the word "like" a lot, and I am like, YO, you can take the girl out of the Valley, but you can't take the Valley out of the girl. So, like, whatever. 

**I am using all this precious snow day no cable time to catch up on the Daily Show. I am really, really sad that Jon Stewart is leaving the show, like really, really sad. Now my bucket list of seeing a live taping is on hyper speed. How are we ever going to get through the next presidential election without going completely insane? 

**Yesterday I went to the store,  you know, just to hang out with the masses grabbing, pushing and shoving for that last loaf of bread or dozen eggs or potted plant before the snow storms starts. It's all about the community coming together in times of need.   Throughout my little adventure, I kept running into the same, rather dashing, fellow in the aisles. What? You need the necessaries of life too?  I think that means we're soul mates. And then he ended up behind me in the check out  lane. This was my moment to shine. Stand back, you are about to be dazzled by my a-ma-zing self check skillz. 

** I have to say that I am enjoying Winter a lot more this year since I have underground, covered parking. No more shoveling out my car, scrapping ice off the windshield or hoping that the snow plow will go down the street so I can get my car out of the driveway. Sure, I pay a little bit for all this, but so worth it. So. Worth. It. 

** Contrary to the popular opinion, snow days are pretty rare beasts around here, so while I am grateful for the this day,  I don't see it becoming a repeat offender.  So high fives and cheers around,  but tomorrow its back to the work, slow train commutes, meetings, spreadsheets and scarfs that wrap around our entire heads to keep our faces from freezing off.

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