Saturday, November 22, 2014

Bits & Pieces

1. Today's list is also known as another distraction from my domestic responsibilities. It's not like my fortress of solitude is messy, maybe there is a pair shoes over there that should go back in the closet, or a load laundry that probably needs to be done,  or I guess I should empty the entire dishwasher instead of just pulling out a fork whenever I need one, but Whoa Nelly, where is my motivation today? Not here. Not here.  So let's make a list of random things. List making is always a true sign of productivity. 

2. May I be the first to wish you  glad tidings for this upcoming week of holidays:  Happy Pie Day,  Happy Evacuation Day, and Merry  Old Thanksgiving to you and yours. Did I totally trick you by throwing in a non food based holiday there? I guess there are other things in life to celebrate then just food.  

3. This week's hummus trial went horrible. How bad can chickpeas and garlic stink, you ask? Super bad. Holy yikes. The only thing I can think of is that I let the dried chickpeas soak too long. But I guess if I want to look at it through poetic eyes, I kind of love how in the world of fast food and 30 minute meals, this hummus is teaching me patience.

4. I am pretty sure that my excuse of " Oh, I watch a lot of end of the world/apocalypse films, I AM prepared," will only get me out of emergency preparedness activities for so much longer.

5. I love the music scene and community out here in DC.  It definitely and honestly was on the list of reasons to move back when I was making that decision early this year.  And what a time to move back! There seems to be an excited effort to document and preserve, not only the music but also the communities that have formed up around and because of it. There are several institutions in the area starting and growing archives, tons of programs going on, and a heavy hand of articles are being published about many different aspects of life on the HiFi  here in the Nation's Capital.  One such article was this WaPo piece about the release of local band Fuguzi's first demo tape.  I happen to really respect this band and have for many years, but what I really love about the article was that it mentioned that an entire movement or community grew out of fans passing this demo tape from one person to another. No flashy marketing campaign, no radio payola going down , but simply the genuine love of music and sharing music.

6. Speaking of articles about music, this one is a little old, but I was going through all my older bookmarked articles and I still love it. It starts out with the question about when and how should a parent expose their children to music. Now, obvs, I don't have any little folk of my own, but I love, love, love, how the article suggests acquainting music with times of comfort for even the littlest of ears: "Passing along cultural treasures needn't be a formal process of sitting your son down for a lesson on the masters; it's best and most effectively done through osmosis, by making great music the wallpaper in a loving home. Incorporate it quietly, subtly, into everyday moments in which your son receives comfort; bedtime, downtime, feeding time, strolls around the block."   What a great gift it is to show and help kids learn from an early age the comforting powers of music.

7. Tis the season to be freaked out by mechanical deer at stores. I'm not kidding. I must of jumped back about three feet today. Now, I am usually down with woodland creatures and all, but not in aisle 4 (it was a holiday display, that I thought was static and then started to move).  At least I don't live by the creepy inflatable snowman any more. 

8. A little bit ago I helped out with a cooking class. The name of that night's class was "Beyond Pumpkin Pie." Pretty clever, right? I came up with it. It was suppose to be about putting modern twists on classic Thanksgiving dishes. However, I realized pretty early on in the class that most people really don't want to tweak or change the Thanksgiving menu that they have been eating their entire lives. Which, I guess I understand, memories and food, etc. But, well, I felt pretty much like the Charlie Brown teacher up there talking about things that people might not care about. But. But. If you guys haven't tried mixing and swirling your white and sweet potatoes together in one dish, wacka wow. So good. This Baked Masted Potatoes and Yams with Garlic and Parmesan recipe is amazing.  Not healthy at all, but super tasty. 

9. Need more reasons to visit DC other than history around every corner,  world class museums and ME? Well, I got a couple more bullet points to your list:  a cat cafe (!!) and a cupcake ATM, both coming to DC next year. Hashtag: God Bless America. 

10. Last week I feel down the rabbit hole of watching Harvard Sailing Team's comedy sketches. May I present you with a Hipster's Thanksgiving:

The Hipster Playlist is pretty funny too.  They're funny because they are true.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sunday Inspirations

"You think your pain and your heartbreak are unprecedented in the history of the world, but then you read. It was books that taught me that the things that tormented me most were the very things that connected me with all the people who were alive, or who had ever been alive."
--James Baldwin