Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Song of the Week: Samantha Crain

I saw Samantha Crain this last weekend as an opener for the Swedish sister duo First Aid Kit (more on them when I get caught up with my Adventures in Audio. Spoiler Alert: SO GOOD).  It was definitely a night of women who rock.

Samantha Crain started the night off in the best possible way. She walked onto the stage alone with just a guitar in hand, and when the Oklahoma native started to sing her songs,  her delicate, strong, lovely voice filled the entire auditorium.  Before many of the songs, she shared with us the stories of those songs, stories of her life and times, trips to big cities and fortune cookies. It was the simplest of music, one voice, one instrument, one microphone, one brave soul spilling and singing mighty melodies and strumming guitar strings worn by the living of life. But sometimes the simplest things can right the world as much as the biggest army. 

I saw her play a solo set, but she is also pretty rad with some friends:

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