Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Song of the Week: Benjamin Booker

Yesterday was a holiday here in the States. Well, it wasn't a holiday, holiday, with parties and decorations and greeting cards, it was Columbus Day, the day we celebrate the work of the movie director Chris Columbus and watch The Goonies on repeat for 3 days straight. Or something like that. Anyway. I had the day off, and wow, did I ever wake up in a cranky mood.  The whole weekend was full of frustration because my completely unrealistic expectations (especially of people) weren't met. I know, I know. Welcome to life.

And isn't waking up in a bad mood the worst? Aren't you suppose to wake up refreshed with a clean new slate, ready to take on the day? C'mon orange juice commercials, don't lie to me now. So after tossing and turning and gnashing my teeth a bit, I  found my iPod on the nightstand (pro tip: always, always, have music within an arm's reach) and sought refuge in music.  The first song that came one was a Tom Waits song, and I hit that big old next button the second that song came on. Nope. That song was too fitting. Salt in the wound, man, salt in the wound. The next song however was perfect:  "Have You Seen My Son," by Benjamin Booker.  This song got me to put my feet on the floor, jump out of bed, shake off the dust of a wasted weekend, have a blurry eyed, pajama wearing dance party, and then get on with the rest of the day/life. This was the song I needed, and holy moly, what a song it was.

I've have become such a huge fangirl of Benjamin Booker's self titled album that came out earlier this year, easily one of my favorite albums of 2014. It's bluesy and grungy, and raw and just perfect. And the songs are so beautifully layered. At first listen all you hear is an assault of sound and energy, but as you keep listening, there seems to so much more in all the songs, lots of roots of truth in there.  It's one of those albums that makes you hopeful and excited for all the new music that is being created in the world.

He is electrifying all plugged in, but even acoustic he is still fantastic and full of grit:

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