Saturday, October 18, 2014

Bits & Pieces

** Today I was suppose to be in KC to run the KC Marathon as part of a team relay.  I had to pull out of the race due to a lot of reasons, and I thought I was OK with it all until  all my would be team mates started to post finish line pictures.  And a couple of these fine people are some of my favorite people back home, who made all the difference to me last year, and honestly, I let them down and I think that is what hurts the most. Failure and disappointments are part of life, this is breaking news to no one. We can beat up ourselves all our lives for these lackluster moments, but that just leaves us all beat up.  I know that we shouldn't dwell on our faults until they eat us live, but today I was weirdly glad that failure--especially when it is caused by our own choices--does hurt a little. Hopefully it kicks in the --let's not do this thing again-part of our natural defenses. 

** Whenever the little shop at work doesn't sell peanut butter M&Ms, I'm like, why are you even open?

** So. E.bola. Right? Now, I don't want to make light of deadly diseases, but the news coverage has been out of control.  Oh wait, that should be "news."  I feel all cable news is basically more parts entertainment and fear mongering than exactly facts. But, I mean, 1 person in the US has died of it. How many people in this country have died this year from heart attacks, or gun violence, or cancer, or basically any other thing? A whole lot more (exact scientific numbers there for you folks).  I hope we can contain this disease (throughout the world, not just in these states of ours), and I do think it is a very serious thing, but aren't there other epidemics that we should be worrying about a whole lot more? Also, a huge part of me wants to shout "I watch the Walking Dead, I am totally prepared for this. First, get me a sheriff's hat, and second, we need to start to stockpile chocolate pudding . . "

** In other TV news, the other day, an episode of the Golden Girls came on where Sophia was getting married and due to a mix up by Rose, the entire wedding audience was made up of Elvis impersonators.  Obviously, my first thought was: how can I make this part of my mythical wedding? Maybe that is why I haven't gotten married. My wedding would end the world. So it's like I'm saving the world by staying single. You're welcome.  Also, I have to watch a couple episodes of the Golden Girls, after watching the Walking Dead to calm my nerves a little bit so I can sleep. Every part of this is worth it. 

** I just walked to the store, for the second time today (shopping lists are for suckers), just so I wouldn't have to give up my parking place at my apartment building. Big city living, y'all.  

** The Kansas City Royals are going to the World Series? Glee! Amazement! Joy! Who's a fly over state now? BBQ stained-Show Me State-Charlie Parker style-jazz hands all around! 

** "Cinderella never asked for a prince. She asked for a night off and a dress." --Kiera Cass. 

** Anytime I can turn a serious work meeting into a discussion about punk rock, I consider my work on the planet one step closer to being complete. 

** I nearly tripped on the sidewalk because I was staring at this beautiful tree on my way to the market this morning. Oh burning bush-tree, tell me what I should do with my life! Unless the 'doing' involves wandering around the desert for another hundred years. That gets preeety old after awhile. 

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