Friday, September 12, 2014

Bits & Pieces

** Holy Moly, the September Dooms have hit this gentlewoman and her gentle family pretty hard this year.  I think that in some moments of feeling vulnerable, the internet isn't the best place to hang around (learn this the hard way, ouch), but other times it is good to remember that the interwebs can help us connect and support each other.  And while listing little random things doesn't solve, or even chip away at all the hard things in the world, somethings you just have to take a breathe and remember and hope that life is all hard things.

** I am continuing my status of being a trendsetter by  finally saw Guardians of the Galaxy, only a million weeks after it came out.  It is all about being fashionably late, right? It may seem like just another super fun summer movie (which it is!), but there is a lot of truth in it: be nice to trees because they will one day save your life from an evil pie maker (Lee Pace makes a disturbingly good bad guy) and awesome mix tapes and dance offs will save us all, and the entire galaxy, one day. Also, my sharp little eyes did see the Missouri flag in the opening scene of the movie (a nod to the director's childhood home state). See y'all alien abductions do happen in the Show Me State. 

** The other day I went to the grocery store. Not the good grocery with the good food, but the cheap grocery store with the cheap crap food. Some times you just want cheap crap food. I noticed the security officer, actually it was pretty hard to miss him, he was riding around in one of the clunky store scooters. At first I thought maybe he was just returning it to the front of the store, but I am pretty sure that he was patrolling the store via the cart. Clearly,  this is cutting edge crime fighting.

** I've been fighting insomnia a lot lately, and I have discovered many options in this great battle of wits.  One, sit on the kitchen floor, eat cold pizza and read by the glow of my electronic devices and microwave clock light (which is like, whoa, bright), or two, take some advice from my sister; when she can't fall asleep or fall back asleep, she gets up and does something productive and somehow this tricks the brain into re-setting itself. So that's the reason why I was mopping the floor at 5:30 am on a Saturday. I'm pretty sure that is what the people call, "winning at adulthood."

** On the other side of adulthood, there are some days that I feel I should get a certificate just for keeping myself alive. 

**  I don't know where my desk at work came from, but an important person must of had it at one point, and obviously, I am continuing its important ownership,  since I award myself the VIP award almost everyday. My desk is big and heavy and it has a panic button, just above where my right knees falls. You guys, I have a panic button. Logically, I know that it is not still live or hooked up, but for the first couple of weeks of work, I debated whether to push it or not, and then one day I did, and nothing happened. Security didn't come up, alarms didn't ring, no superheroes swooped in and saved me for piles of work. But wouldn't it be grand if there was some dramatic action to take whenever I was in a panic? Hello, I am in a PANIC, people, send help (or pancakes). 

**I do not like the cafeteria at work. It’s in the basement, so it’s dark and always so, so cold. The food is way overpriced for its quality, can only be called “decent” in taste and I never know what I want to eat so I will just wander around aimlessly and then get soup.  Unless it is Mediterranean Day, then I will go down and get all the hummus and all the pita chips and all the Kalamata olives.  But the food folks always put the hummus in the salad bar, so if you have to pay for it by weight, and even if I try to be fugal with my scoops of the food of life, I still end paying like $8 dollars for like a 1/2 cup of the stuff. Hummus is some heavy stuff. And then I weep, wail, and gnash my teeth at the cashier: why are you doing this to me?  Ok, not really, I just hand over my money and vow to never eat there again. and then fret about it on the internet. 

** Let's end on a super high note: Motivational Posters via Parks & Rec's Andy Dwyer:

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