Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Adventures in Audio #5B: Ryan Adams @ 9:30 Club

Continuing on my quest to catch live music at 50 different venues:
(See earlier post for a little history of the 9:30 Club)

Gah. I love seeing Ryan Adams live.  He is and will be a favorite, forever and always. 
This show caused a lot of heartache in the area. Ryan Adams has been selling out larger venues across the country, but for his newest album release party, he came to DC to a club that has 1,200 maximum capacity. That may sound big, but this show was considered a more intimate setting.  It sold out in about 5 seconds.  And that is the dead truth, not hyperbole, not being overly dramatic for effect.  5 seconds. Poof.  By more luck than I probably deserve in life, I was able to snag one of those golden tickets.  
And it was a golden night indeed. Ryan sounded really good, his band sounded good, his hair was epic and he told us stories, invisible lasers, dingo invasion and smiley faces wearing cowboy hats were all  mentioned. He would get all these bright ideas on stage, for merch, or jokes, or whatever got caught up there in that head of his.  At one moment during his set, he just stopped and said, “So many ideas.”  And that was my best and favorite take away from the night: so many ideas. So many ideas of music, why I love it, why it is part of my life, why it is one of the best parts of me.  
 He can be super chatty at shows, his banter can be random, sometimes he might seem a little unfocused with the playlist at hand (so many ideas) and I love it all. I think it adds to a feeling of authenticity, up there on stage, he is him, him is he.  And randomness can beautiful and celebrated over polished and perfect. And that authenticity also comes through in his music, it can be raw and quiet,  it will frequently shred your heart to pieces, yet still be so cathartic, and be that voice to that time in life or those feelings that you thought didn’t even have words.
So many ideas.
Ryan Adams @ 9:30 Club, Washington DC, September 8, 2014

My Wrecking Ball from Ryan Adams' self titled new (fantastic) album:

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