Thursday, August 14, 2014

Bits & Pieces

**Langhorne Slim and Seth Avett singing one of my favorite songs together? That's like a million angel high fives (30 Rock reference, like I even have to explain).

**During the slower time in August at work, some people will bring their dogs into the office.  I love this. These furry faces are so happy to see you and act like you are the most amazing person ever if you pet them, and then you start to think, hey, I AM pretty amazing.  And I think they legitimately bring down stress levels in the office. They are all well behaved canines, it’s not like we have packs of wild animals roaming the halls. Well, ok, we do, but those aren’t dogs, those are summer interns.

**I rotate the food blogs that I read pretty regularly since it seems like these type of blogs get stuck in trendy ruts, oh look, another donut recipe.  Either that or I find myself spending too much money on over indulgent ingredients.  But taking a more simple approach to online feasts of plenty  has yielded some fantastic recipe finds:

This burrito bowl from The First Mess, is sure to stay on heavy rotation at the (oh heck, I haven’t named my new evil genius pad/lair,yet). It may seem simple, grilled veg+ beans and  rice, but it is the cilantro lime dressing that bumps it up to a wow. I had some sauce left over so I marinated some chickpeas in it and then roasted them, super good. 
I made these life changing crackers from My New Roots, to take with me to work to snack on for  little bursts of focused energy throughout  my long days. Sure, you spend a little extra time at the bulk food bins at the grocery getting all the nuts and seeds, but I found it worth it. I made the rosemary/garlic  option, and not only did they fill my apartment with wonderful  herby smells, but they are just super good, especially with hummus and  smashed avocado.

**I am so hip and high tech now that I often Skype with family and friends. It makes me feel like I’m living in the second Back to Future movie with all our video phones and what not. I’m still waiting on my hover board, (and flying car—thanks for the LIES George Jetson).  I often get asked about the print that is on the wall behind the onscreen me:

I fell in love with the print when I first it on Wit and Whistle. Unfortunately,  shortly after discovering it, the letterpress shop closed out. However, a little while ago I discovered that the same company still sells on Etsy under the name Church of Type. Undead score! After ordering, the print came quick, the quality is fantastic and I am pretty sure it ups the cool points of my little old flat, like tenfold. It's been very dramatic getting things up on my walls and I am super happy this made the cut. It fits my classy, yet still eclectic POV.

And lets face it, I am an apocalypse girl and have been since days of yore, watching Mad Max with my Dad and having Sunday School teachers try to scare me into being good with terrifying stories of the end of the days.  And it is not even the gruesomeness of zombies or mass destruction that interests me, but all the ethical questions that arise when civilization breaks down.  I could write a whole lot of about this kind of stuff, but then people will remind me its not very lady like to talk of such things, and others will remind me that no1curr. But then I’ll just cross those suckers off the list of people the will benefit from my solar powered days of destruction pie shop. I’ve gots dreams people, dreams.  

**I started to make my own cleaning supplies.  Wow, I should’ve had a more exciting lead in. Cleaning! Supplies! Boom! Pop! Bam!  I don’t know exactly why I decided to be all Holly Hobby lately, maybe I am bored, or more earth friendly or my super sensitive skin has been freaking out or that I am cheap. Maybe a combo of all those things.  I use the recipes/formulas from I Heart Organizing, (scroll about half way down the post), and have found them to work very well.   Tips of the trade: I usually only use the essential oils for my once a month deep cleaning days, and not for my day to day clean ups, since those little bottles can be expensive. I got the oils and castile soap all at Wegmans, which I found to be just as good quality wise, and a little cheaper than buying them online. However, essential oils are the newest or at least most popular MLM thing going right now, so at this very second one of your Facebook friends is probably updating their status about how life changing essential oils are, so if you want to join the cult, there is always that route.

** My new favorite Instagram account to follow is that of the author Jasper Fforde. He lives in Wales (my land of dreams!)  and his gorgeous photos make me melt into  a pool of jealousy and envy. Seriously, having a beach cottage in Northern Wales and eating sticky toffee pudding every day is on my for real retirement plan. 

**Favorite auto correct of the week: in a text this week I started to type “loneliness” (so emo, I know) and  auto correct filled in “looney salts,” and I kept it, because, hey, maybe my phone has a way better version of my current story than I do.

Last two are reasons why I love DC and DC loves me:

**Ryan Adams, who I have testified about here, is having his record release party for his new album here in DC at the 9:30 Club! I am very excited about this. I’ve been keeping my eye on his tour schedule and holding my breath, rocking back and forth in the corner telling myself that he has to come to DC, he has to come to DC. And sometimes the Universe answers ridiculous prayers. And then sometimes it don’t , like when you insist to the moon and all the stars that the only thing that will make a bad day better would be if someone would  bring you pistachio gelato. And you wait and wait, and then give up and go get your own gelato, only to be disappointed that Target gelato tastes nothing like the gelato from that lovely little place just across the bridge in Florence, Italy. Actually, it's kind of gross. Anyone what a container of gelato and bitterness?  So moral of the story: do pray for good music, don’t pray for frozen treats.  

**Native Foods Cafe, a vegan fast-casual restaurant, has just announced that their first location on the East Coast is going to be in DC opening up at the end of September! My eating habits (which are usually too boring to talk about) are becoming more and more in the plant based realm, which usually requires doing a little menu research before going out to eat, which usually is no big deal, especially in a foodie town like DC. But having a new place that doesn’t require homework before stepping into the door?  Sweet heavens to Betsy.

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  1. In my state of underemployedness I've been tempted to start selling oils. You'll be the first person I hit up for a sale! :) And Jasper Fforde on instagram? Just clicked 'follow'. Thanks for the tip! (Now I think you'd better head to that British pub for a dish of sticky toffee pudding in my honor. I'm craving and it's all your fault!)