Sunday, August 17, 2014

Adventures in Audio #3: Justin Trawick and The Common Good at the US Botanical Garden

Continuing on my quest to catch live music at 50 different venues:

One of the wonderful things about summer in DC, or really all year around in DC, is that there are frequent opportunities for fantastic culture and entertainment, and many times these opportunities are of little cost or free. A little bit ago,  I stopped by the U.S. Botanical  Garden after work , kicked off my workin' shoes and sat in the grass on a lovely mild summer evening  and was treated to the bluegrass sounds of local crooners Justin Trawick and The Common Good. 

The U.S. Botanical Gardens was originally the brain child of our horticulture loving  Founding Fathers, namely George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison who proposed a national garden to grow and showcase a wide variety of plants for the good of the American people. And though it took a bit to be established, our nation's Botanical Garden has been open to the public since 1850 and at its current location, across the street from the U.S. Capitol since 1933. In fact, the Garden is considered to be part of the Capitol Complex, because the House of the People, need a nice garden too.  Not only are there beautiful and wild plants that parade our captivating and complex natural world, but  the Garden also hosts an array of events, from cooking and canning classes to concerts.

 It is a popular pastime  to think about what our Founding Fathers would think about our modern times. And most of all that is just guessing, but their establishment of the Botanical Garden is a testament  that they wanted the American people to be a curious, smart people, engaged with the world around us, thorns, blossoms and all. 

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