Monday, July 21, 2014


Segways parked outside of the Lincoln Memorial. The mixing of the old and new pretty much sums up DC as a whole, and my life right now as a little part of that magical mystical whole. 

 So many things are familiar and comfortable in this place that I used to call home and am calling it so once again. At times it feels that I never left. But I did leave and things have changed. I've changed. People have moved on. They don't even sell my favorite sandwich in my workplace cafeteria anymore.   And like the wobbling stop-and-go awkward movement of tourists maneuvering Segways among classy marble monuments, sometimes going too slow, sometimes going too fast, and often times missing their mark completely,  I am finding my own odd friction between my old DC life and my new DC life.  For good or bad, I am finding that I can't just pick up the life that I left a year and half ago, which was just silly to expect. So maybe this time it isn't a completely new start for me, maybe it is more of a rebuilding or reclaiming or a hopeful second chance.   

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