Saturday, July 12, 2014

Music to Not Go Crazy By

It took me way to long to think of that post title, and I still am not quite sure that it makes sense, but ((shrug)). 

During the week I can divide the music that I listen to into 2 camps: protest and repose. During my commute, which involves walking and waiting and riding and walking and waiting and walking, I need to blast loud protest songs in-between my ears. I don't know if it is fitting or ironic walking into the work listening to gritty songs of change and protest. Maybe a little bit of both, but I like to think that it reminds me why I picked this career and gets my heart all fired up for a full day of working for the man. Hey, I'm a not a jaded curmudgeon yet (but you kids, GET OFF MY LAWN!). But when I am at my desk, I need a more mellow soundtrack to keep me sane and grounded and focused. I kind of hate to use the word mellow, because I think that sometimes it implies boringness. I don't want or need boring songs. I need songs that makes you feel like you're taking a deep, long breath, a breath that completely fills you up. Here are some of my favorite listens this week:

Water Liars: Let It Breathe

 So beautiful.

George Ezra: Leaving It Up To You:

Every time I listen to him, I have to ask, where is that voice coming from?

Brown Bird: Fingers to the Bone
David Lamb, that marvelous voice, lost his battle with cancer earlier this year, but he left his imprint on the world with this music.

Gregory Alan Isakov: Stable Song

Can the soft banjo be anymore beautiful? 


  1. I've probably listened to these songs over a dozen times now. Thanks for the recommendations.

  2. I can always count on you to have exquisite recommendations for my ever-growing download wishlist! Love these!