Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekend Things

1. I love music. Duh. But sometimes I get overwhelmed by the amount of music out there, and then I spend an hour trying to find that right song to listen to and nothing feels right. Whenever I am all muddled like this, the only cure seems to be to go back to the beginning, to strip music down to the raw, and that means the blues. The blues is my reset button. Put that on a t-shirt. This afternoon found me listening to Robert Johnson's "Hellhound of My Trail." Sweet roads made of cheese, this song is so good. I honestly have to keep pausing every couple seconds because I just can't take it all in at once. It is just so deep to the bone.

I am also trying this "strip things down to the only the elements of survival" in other aspects of my life. The difficult part seems to be figuring out what exactly I need to survive. Sometimes comfort kills creativity, not that I plan on going out and stabbing myself in the leg just to be uncomfortable, but sometimes it is frustration and tension that pushes us to keep  moving.

2.I've come across this article a couple time now and I think it makes some pretty interesting points about the modern single and the modern single stereotypes. My favorite line is: The single life isn't a prison sentence nor is it a cocktail party. It is simply a life.  

3. So, I gave into boredom and did that "what state do you belong in" quiz online. I got Massachusetts, which in many ways makes a lot of sense, but I am preeettty sure that the main reason I got the Bay State was because I picked Dunkin Donuts for the preferred restaurant. Don't get me wrong, Boston is one of my most favoritiest cities on the planet, I was just hoping that I belonged in a state that doesn't believe in winter.  Here is my little blurb:

I would like to point out, that while I take most of it as a complement, I actually love the state of Connecticut.

5. The next time someone rolls their eyes at me for complaining about the weather, which you probably just did after that jab in the last point, I can just say, "I'm not being obnoxious, I'm just being British:

6. Speaking of British things, watching  this clip of Stephen Fry trying to put together an Ikea desk, has been the best stress reliever this week.

6. If nothing else, watching the Walking Dead has taught me that even during the zombie apocalypse, teenagers will still be filled with angst. Oh, Carl, just go drown your feelings in pudding.

7. Best keyword search term found in my blog stats as of late: meaning of life found in tacos. You better believe it.

8. Shoot. I am posting just after midnight, technically on a Monday. I just made a liar out of this Weekend Things.

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  1. That article was fabulous, everything I needed to hear.
    Let's move to London.
    And take our harmonicas and doughnuts with us.