Sunday, February 2, 2014

Weekend Things

1. On Friday I locked my keys in my car . . . during an ice storm. Which by the way, is the most awesome time to lock your keys in the car since you can barely even feel the pain of beating your head against the car window because you are being pelted by daggers of ice. My mom not only drove over to wait with me as I wait for AAA, but also brought me Chinese food. She wins all the mom points. This was my hilarious fortune cookie fortune:
So. Hooray. 

2. I am 100% sure that there is an owl in my chimney. I keep hearing "Whoooo, Whooo" echoing down the bricks. Crap. Now I am thinking of that one scene in The Birds where birds come flying out of the fireplace. Excuse me, while I go freak out and move every single piece of furniture I own in front of the fireplace, and try to convince the cat to make some very aggressive sounding meows in that general direction.

3. Sometimes it truly breaks my heart that I can't read all the books all at once. I will be posting about my January reads soon, but I think I am going to have to postpone my monthly themed reading.  I recently joined two book clubs,  which are happily dictating what I read. One is a at the local public library where I sit with nice, older retired ladies and talk about slightly scandalous books. The second is a virtual book club with a couple of my far away friends.  On Friday I finished the book for the library group, The Devil in the White City by Erick Larson and started the one for my virtual one,  Life After Life by Kate Atkinson. This, however, hasn't stopped me in the least from building a tower of books that I still want to read. I want to know all the things. 

4. This blog article, and really the whole blog,  has inspired me to start a travel savings account. I took a severe pay cut when I moved back to the Midwest, I am making less than half now than I was making in DC, so my budget it pretty tight, and I've had to cut a lot from my previous lifestyle. However, I aways want to be able to say YES! when someone asked me to meet then in Paris, or to eat our way through Northern Italy, or, {gasp} become brave enough to become a solo traveler.

5. Speaking of the inspiration stuff on the Internet, this list of 19 Hard Things You Need to Do to Be Successful, really made me think about a lot of the choices I made in the last little while, sure it is a little hokey and feel good, but there is a lot of truth in there too. There is great danger in playing life too safe too much.  I know that growth and change, etc, etc, etc (said in The King and I voice) always requires stretching and pushing and a whole lot of uncomfortable or pain inducing things. And pain usually triggers our natural fight or flight instincts. There are times, right times and wrong times, for both fighting and fleeing.  The hard part is figuring out which is which. 

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  1. Loved The Devil in the White City! What did you think?
    Travel account is on the list of things to do when I have a job again. I'd totally join you on a trip to eat our way through Italy :)
    And while I love owls, I wouldn't want one in my chimney. The Birds freaks me out! good luck with that one.