Sunday, February 9, 2014

Lend Me Your Ears: To Kill A King

As I type this, it is 26 degrees outside, the landscape is covered by almost a foot of snow, and there is a stillness in that outer night darkness that is only found in these cold months.

Even if I try to wax poetic about the symbolism of the seasons and to know warmth you have to know cold and there is beauty in all things, etc, etc, etc., winter is hard time for me. Believe you me, I keep questioning the decision making processes that keep me moving to snowy places.  And just for you kids, I am learning to keep it all the emo/aggro inside, because, holy abominable snowman Batman, I can be obnoxious when I am cold, which if I haven't mentioned it lately, is all the time. But there is comfort knowing that these cold months will come to end and once again we can have outdoor barefoot sing-a-long parties with all our friends.

To King A King and their outdoor barefoot sing-a-long friends (including the fellas from Bastille) totally get it. Boy, I needed this song and this video this week, a little postcard from summer filled in with our favorite postcard words : wish you were here. And in this case, summer totally has a British accent. Totally. 

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  1. Come to Arizona in the summer when it is 120 degrees and humid like the Midwest. You might wish for snow again. ;)