Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Lend Me Your Ears: Morgan Manifacier

Music and the music community has always been a source of inspiration, connection and acceptance for me. It has been my tribe, my relief society, my oasis in the desert, and obviously a source for dramatic (but true!) descriptors. This blog has given me another outlet to not only talk and share about music, but also connect with other community members; fellow listeners, toe tappers, audiophiles and music makers and performers.  It has been, still is, and will continue to be a heartfelt labor and joy. As I work on clearing tangles and briars in my off camera life, some trusted and melodic friends will be sharing some favorite finds, of the music variety, that have found their way to our inboxes, record players and ears. ---Katherine,  your faithful gentlewoman of the road. 

~ Our first guest post is from Miranda, a lifestyle blogger, music lover, wordsmith and all and all swell human person that currently calls St. Louis, MO home. You can follow her adventures at My Bookbloom.~

Morgan Manifacier launched his first album, Grande, in 2011, a collection of tracks that blend together to create something similar to the spontaneous chorus of voices gathered around a campfire. Calming melodies and slow rhythms are achieved through colorful and deliberate layering. Whether through plucked guitar, piano chords, rich French vocals, or even whistling, Manifacier achieves the natural balance of a carefully crafted talent. Personally, I find Manifacier’s second collection, Tape Club, a little grittier. Not in a musical sense per se, but in a depth and wisdom often associated with sophomore albums. Insightful lyrics make the pieces resonate on an intellectual level. Contrast that to Manifacier’s fourth and latest album, Hues and Calm, where listeners are introduced to a new tone. Between familiar shades of calm, a jagged energy filters in, giving some songs a stronger rock vibe than previously experienced. However, maybe the most compelling song of all the albums combined is found in the ballad Ourselves. Which will undoubtedly receive a wider audience before long. But no matter the album, one thing remains constant. That is, without noticing it, each song wraps around you. Sending you, if only for a moment, to a familiar place. A place altogether too good to leave anytime soon.  

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