Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Lend Me Your Ears: Isle of Rhodes

I was first introduced to the Brooklyn based band, Isle of Rhodes, through their lovely animated video for the song "Islands," and completely fell in love with their delicate melodies that burst triumphantly into an explosion of sound. The duo, comprised of Rob Farren on keyboards and Colin Behram on drums, weave their songs together so seemingly effortlessly and eloquently that you don't even miss the guitars, giving new meaning to the saying, "No strings attached", said with a wink and smirk, of course. Farren's dreamy, yet sharp vocals fused with powerfully constructed lyrics about the forward movement of life makes quite the modern anthem. 

But this band isn't a one trick pony, oh no.  Their 4 song Affirmation Caravan EP which is being released today (!) is a parade of their creative energy and musical talents. "Tic Toc Take II"another favorite around these parts of blogosphere, is a little jazzy with an addictive punch of power pop, definitely prone to  put a swagger in your step, or ears, or any space in between.

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