Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Song of the Week: Patrick Dethiefs

This year daylight savings time has hit me hard. It get dark so early now and seems to stay dark long after the rooster should be crowing, as they say in these parts. And maybe it is because I am less big city, big city lights bound as I was this time last year, but the early and late night darkness seems slightly different this year, a little deep darker, a little heavier. But it is not just the sunless hours. On some days, I swear I can feel winter approaching, and it is mighty and it is heavy to the bones.  It's just not the dropping temperatures, or the stashing of extra mittens and gloves everywhere, because like a young child, I always, always lose my gloves. It's something else this year, or maybe it's the sum of everything else. The year is quickly coming to a close and pretty soon we will send the last 365 days into judgement as we start thinking about goals and resolutions and new, clean, blank pages.  It is these days where there is a whisper thin line between excitement and anxiety, a seemingly no man's land in between conclusions and new beginnings.

The beauteous "Where You're Caring the Weight," by Patrick Dethiefs is the perfect kind of song for these days, days where you are fighting off the chill and seeking for warmth, physically and metaphysically speaking.

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