Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Song of the Season: On TV

I usually don't like Christmas television specials. I guess in the television business, if you stick Christmas or Holiday in the show title, you don't have to worry about plot, or well written characters or acting. I mean, I may be stuffed with tree shaped cookies and good cheer and what not, but geez, I still got standards.   I also don't like to hear about "the true meaning of Christmas" sandwiched in between commercials for  holiday specials and deals on diamonds and cars and stuff and more stuff. 

But what I can get behind is holiday songs being done well on television. Oh yes, let's do that. 

The National + Gregg Allman + Stephen Colbert + Silver Bells = I get *this close* to fainting.

The Colbert Report
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  1. "You are the cow of my every field." Now that's what Christmas is all about.