Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Last Minute Hipster Christmas Music 2013

I had every intention of curating a lovely little holiday mix tape for you guys this year. I also had lots of other intentions for the holidays: homemade ornaments for the tree, making gingerbread and Christmas jam for the neighbors, sending out cute and crafty cards and greetings of good cheer, and finding the perfect gifts for loved ones, you know, it is the season for perfection in everything.  But when my little overwhelmed heart was about to the explode with anxiety, I willingly let everything slip through my hands, took a deep breathe and let the season embrace me instead of shaking me silly. I gladly excepted the plates of cookies and homemade lovelies from neighbors and friends all bundled up on my front porch, without the guilt of having nothing to give them in return, I excitingly ripped open cards from far away family and friends filled with happy pictures of chubby kids and kinfolk, I found beauty in fresh snow, even when stuck in traffic on route to some last minute shopping, almost cried tears of happiness and learned the meaning of goodwill as a coworker stayed late to help me scrap layers and layers and layers of ice off my car after a nasty ice storm, and (finally to the point) let others curate the music for me this year.  If I was staring in my own Christmas special this year, the moral would definitely be giving love and goodwill, in all it's forms-big and small, is important, but receiving it openly and allowing it to help grow your heart three sizes, is just as important. 

The soundtrack for my holiday special would also most definitely has a great soundtrack: folksy and peaceful and calm, like how it all, as in everything, should be this time of year, filled with songs and mixes from these wondrous music bloggers and music makers: 

Hang A String of Lights: The  Fuel/Friends 2013 Christmas Mix
I've listen to Carol of the Banjos, 1299857 times, just this morning. Truth.

Cover Lay Down's New Artists, Holiday Songs 2013
Yes, you are completely right. I do have a thing for banjos in holiday music. This fact of my life is not going to change, there is no need for an intervention.

And a couple of stand alone albums

Songs of Christmas by Sufjan Stevens. Always, always, always. Always. I will mention this album every year. It's my favorite, always.  

The Lower Lights Sing Noel (new 2013 album)

And if you want a little more kick and punch in your holiday music, Bad Religion's Christmas Songs album will meet that need. I actually borrowed this album from  my local public library. Never underestimate libraries as a hipster's paradise. 

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