Monday, December 2, 2013

5/10 Things

1. I may not have become a Thanksgiving convert this year, but when my sister made homemade profiteroles (cream puffs) with homemade pumpkin ice cream with homemade maple caramel sauce, I may have warmed up a teensy bit to the idea of this holiday of thankfulness. I also warned up to the idea that she is the better sister.  In other Thanksgiving breaking news, I made a pie (duh):
Pear Rosemary Pie with a Cheddar Cheese Crust (recipe) to be exact. The crust didn't taste cheesy, the cheese, aka the extra fat,  just makes the crust extra flaky. I'm not tip top on doing lattice tops, I'm more of a crumble top girl, but the pie turned super good, I say completely unbiasedly. Also, the highest of high fives to Miranda for keeping the Pie Day tradition alive!

2. A bunch of cable channels are premiering a new biopic about Bonnie and Clyde. It looks awful. Awful.  One of the channels is the History Channel. I am starting to question the History Channel's working knowledge of the word "history." To tie into the film, Project Runaway on the Lifetime Network asked the fashion designer contestants to created outfits inspired by the romance and glamour of the 1930's.  I guess I missed the day in history class where the romance and glamour of The Great Depression was discussed. Sheesh. But here is a true for real fact:  most of the iconic images of Bonnie and Clyde, them posing with guns and cars and stuff come from a roll of film that was found at one of their abandoned hide outs in (wait for it . . . . . . .) Joplin, Missouri. Never underestimate Missouri's love for classic outlaws. 

3. A little boy came into my work a couple of evenings ago wearing Superman pajamas. He confidently came up to me and declared, "I'm Batman!" I first thought that I was witnessing the cutest identity crisis ever, but then I thought that pretending to be another superhero might be the best secret identity ever. No one would ever guess. He, our little Superman/Batman totally fooled me. Also, total props to the kid for remaining within the same comic universe. DC Comics and Marvel crossovers usually cause a crack in the cosmos.

4. A couple of my favorite reads from the Interwebz:

  • A very thoughtful piece on how to support independent music during this season of giving.
  • There is a bleak difference between how our  culture treats those with physical illness and those with mental illness, can you guess which group get cards and casseroles? "What can I do to help?" is a welcome phase no matter if the wounds are easily seen or not. 

5. I saw this sign in a store:
I don't need a boy on clearance.  I need a reasonably priced gentleman. Put that on my Christmas list, Mr. Santa. 


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