Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Here is a picture of a cow.

It's been a nerve wrecking week or two, but I think it has all turned out ok. And just so you don't do a vagueblogging eye roll at me, nerves have been wrecked because of, but not limited to: getting to work only to find out that work is in lock down (suspicious mail that turned out to not be so suspicious), throwing out my back, but not like throwing it out with the garbage, but hurting it baaaad, waiting for plumbers, planning the first real American style Thanksgiving dinner that I had in years and trying (insert grouchy face) to be happy and helpful about it (Thanksgiving isn't one of my favorite holidays and I try to avoid it most years by traveling to faraway places) and last but  not least, I've been also trying to parley my current job back into a career.  So even though it has been pushed to the back burner by life lately, this blog does help me organize my chaos, and I hope to be back to somewhat regular posting soon. I've even started to work on this year's Hipster Christmas music mix, so I am serious. Mostly.  But definitely on Wednesdays. 

But in the meantime, here is a picture of the cow in my backyard. This makes my little bio there on the side bar, totally legit. 


  1. Look on the bright side. There would be no Pie Day if it weren't for Thanksgiving. And oh, how I miss your music mixes! You'd better post it so I can youtube everything! Buck up lil' camper, every little thing's gonna be alright!

  2. Moving into a full time work gig? Now that's exciting! How's your back? After three months from my fall I can now finally sleep on my side, well, for a bit, before my sternum cries out in agony. Hopefully you have a good heating pad and a chiropractor.