Sunday, October 6, 2013

True Conversations

A true text conversation between me and The General:

The conversation started out with me pleading her to come with me to an event this coming weekend that I really I didn't want to go to by myself, but wanted to support a mutual friend who is hosting the event.

The General: So is this your way of sending out the bat signal? Well, I guess it would be the opposite of the bat signal because I refuse to fight any crazy clowns.

Me:  What are your feelings about deranged penguins?

The General: Deranged penguins are target practice. I mean seriously what are they going to do, waddle after me?

The General is not really a general. Although, I know that she %100 supports the troops and all those that fight for good and against coconuts. I really don't remember how the nickname begun over a decade ago, but I think it had to do with a misspelling on her blood donor card. There is a part of me that really wants to be that person who gives people clever nicknames. As much as I try, almost none of them ever stick, except for The General, so I will never, ever let it go. 

Noticed that I said deranged penguins as in demented followers of the Batman villain The Penguin. I would never advocate violence against regular happy feet penguins who would never ever think about blowing up Gotham. Birds. Shivers

And it is always good to know where friendship lines are drawn. If I ever have to fight crazy clowns, it looks like I am on my own.  Please let there not be any crazy clowns at the event.

Why do most social events turn into a good vs evil battle royale?

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