Monday, October 28, 2013

10 Things

1. You know how when you are at a Halloween-ish event and everyone keeps asking what you are dressed up as, but you aren't dressed up as anything? So, with a shrug and after making sure that your clothes and shoes do indeed match, you just start saying you're a hipster librarian, because well, you just came from a very librarian job and honest to gravy, there is a mason jar (a small one for portable snacks) and an Arcade Fire CD in your bag. You know? 

2. Speaking of Halloween, I am never clever enough to come up with a costume, obviously--see above, and I don't have children, but these literature inspired children's costumes are so equally awesome and adorable that they got me to break my ban on Buzzfeed (I'm so over 25 things for everything). 

3. Still thinking of Halloween/Fall events; can we somehow get Chinese food into the "Fall Foods" category? This eating, or pretending to eat, chili at every single gathering lately is getting a little lame. Who makes and presides over seasonal foods? Is there a petition I can sign?

4. I know that it shouldn't annoy me as much as it does, but none of the grocery stores in my area have self-check lanes. Not all lanes should be self-check, but c'mon give us a few 10 items or under express lines. In and out, and chitchat free. 

5. I have a new name for my imaginary rock and roll band: BARN  GYPSIES. Thank you very random sign along the side of road in middle of nowhere Missouri.  You are truly an inspiration. 

6. About once a month, for one of my jobs, I go out on what is basically a mobile computer lab:  a converted school bus with computers. We go out to schools, lower income apartment complexes and other places around the community, to give folk, especially children, access to computers and the internet. One of the educational computer games that I like to play with the kids is a castle game. The castle has been invaded by barbarians and to defeat the barbarians and retrieve the king's shield, the player must answer questions about the different parts of speech. Obviously, proper grammar is mightier than the sword, and even the evilest of foes shake at the power of conjunctions. I get pretty competitive with this game, I try to be patient with the kids and help them figure out those crazy tenses and what not, and but my insides are all-- come on, come on, WE HAVE TO SAVE THE CASTLE!

7. In other, how I am molding future leaders of the world, news, with my activity girls last week we had an international night:  we made little passports and talked about different countries (did you know that Canadians are the world's number one consumers of mac and cheese?) and I tried to convince them to become wanders and travelers when they grow up. Half way through, one of the little girls sighed and declared, "I feel like I'm in school." But at the end of the activity we ate croissants and strawberries (with chopsticks!), and the same little girl declared, "THIS IS BEST DAY EVER!" Moral of the story: croissants can turn any day around.

8. Time for Walking Dead talk! For the first couple episodes of this new season, I was like, WHERE IS CARL'S HAT? It was making me really nervous. Then on Sunday, we, I mean he, got his hat back, and I was, oh no, I'm glad its back and all, but it also probably means baaaaad things are coming.  None of my friends are really into the Walking Dead, and I can only hold in my commentary for so long, before it leaks into the blog. So messy. I actually really miss having running commentary about TV shows with roommates. Anybody watching Castle? Kate's hair is looking good this season.

9.  The newest phrase I am trying to make happen: Stay Frosty, Solider. It's kind of like a little pep talk. Say it. Share it. Know it.

10. Calvin and Hobbes creator Bill Watterson gave a rare interview recently to Mental Floss magazine. Eeeks! were heard throughout the land. One my favorite quotes from the released excerpt of the interview: "Personally, I like paper and ink better than glowing pixels, but to each his own." 

And as always: Good night/day and if the apocalypse comes, good luck.

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