Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Song of the Week: Roo Panes

I came across our lovely Song of the Week artist a little while ago and against all that is good in the world, I didn't document this discovery properly and in a timely matter. Lesson learned.

Early this week, I wanted to revisit this musical wonderment, and I had a hard time remembering details, like say, artist/song name, which led me to do a great deal of talking to myself:

{What do I know?}
It's a guy and a guitar.
{Ok, that is 90% of what I listen to right now.}
British, definitely British. I think.
{Not helping. }
And folksy, but more plaid shirt-ish folksy than mason jar folksy.
{That doesn't even make sense. This is not going well. }
OH, one of his videos is about a road trip through Europe. LET'S GO ON A ROAD TRIP THROUGH EUROPE!
{Now, you're just getting distracted.}
 . . .and eat crepes and cheese and climb lots and lots of stairs in old churches.
{Focus, focus!}
He's really good, like oohhh, I just felt chills, good!
{Worst reference interview, ever. }
Roo! Roo is in his name. This is lightbulb moment, I just know it.
{tap, tap, tap on the internets with all the above random terms, sans cheese}
And just like that:


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  1. Your brain is the original search engine. So glad all that metadata came to a musical end. These songs are FANTASTIC!