Monday, September 16, 2013

No comment is needed

No comment is really needed, but I was shaken by the mass shooting in Washington, DC today that occurred about a mile from where I used to work in a city that I love and miss terribly. No comment is really needed but I am heartbroken by the floods in Colorado, the state of my birth, the start of me.  
. . . and all the other sad and horrible things that happen every minute of every day whether or not I can connect myself to them. No comment is needed, but I felt like I couldn't not acknowledge them.  I don't know which is more disheartening; natural disasters that we as mortals have very little control over, or when humanity turns on itself.  I know it would just be easier to avoid the news headlines all together, especially for a sensitive soul such as mine. But I am a firm believer that the pain, the bad and sad things, in any form, can only be overcome, if they are first acknowledged. But let's not all get crazy and start watching the 24 hour news stations.  No, let's not do that.

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