Monday, September 30, 2013

10 Things

1. My life is currently under construction. But before you think that this is some deep metaphor about my metaphysical existence, no, I mean The Homestead is torn up. We are doing some renovating, remodeling, sprucing up as the kids say. Carpet has been ripped up, furniture has been piled up like huge Jenga towers, 67840 paint chip samples have been stared at, I can't find anything of any importance at the time that it is at utmost importance to me, I have no recollection of what a hot home cooked meal is and people at all the area home improvement stores know us by name. And while I believe that the Internet is all magic and pixie dust, I do know that, even with wireless, some things still need to be plugged in, and when things are getting ripped out and other things are being moved around, magic pixie dust things get unplugged. So the very same week that I felt like returning to blogging about my super fun awesome life is the same week that our Internet has been all kinds of coming and going. But so far today, the Internet magic is with us, so let's take advantage of it.

2. Wil Wheaton is awesome. The end.

3.With all the talk we hear about "you choose to be offend" and whatnot, where is all the talk about "DON'T BE OFFENSIVE  and cause people to rage eat more than a couple apple cider donuts to try to erase the time they had to spend in your presence listening to your disrespectful and condescending tone and remarks towards women." I guess this is just another brick being thrown at me from the heavens making me realize that being single and happy is a lot better than some of the alternatives. Why can't more guys be like Wil Wheaton?

4. On a way happier note: PICKLES! I have always been number one fan of the pickle family, but when I was in Savannah, GA a couple years ago, I was introduced to a new love: fried pickles. Every since then, it has become a summer tradition, usually for our big old BBQs in my former VA big old backyard, to fry up some pickles. This year, I grabbed a jar of homemade pickles (can I get a what, what!) and used this recipe for baked pickles, and they turned out just as delightful as the Southern fried ones.

5. I have been trying to be better about not obsessing over being "plugged in" 24/7 a week. I DON'T WANT THE MACHINES TO WIN.  And because my unquiet mind needs more quiet time.  I practically could of written this video (and I totally want the dress she is bowling in):

But I also know that being connected via technology is the way we live now and I really can't, and to some high degree,  don't want to fight it, in fact, in many, many, many ways I love technology, like luv it. I guess technology is redefining that what and how of relationships and we just have to figure out what that means to us.

6. I heard they are making a new film version of East of Eden. DON'T DO IT. East of Eden is one of my top 10 favorite American Lit books, but I have stopped trying to get people to read it and usually just tie them down to a chair (with snacks, of course. Meaning I give them snacks, not tie them up with snacks. Clearly) and make them watch the 1955 film version with James Dean in it, even if it really only covers half of the novel.  That version is all the world ever needs. EVER.

7. Fortune cookie fortunes never lie, right?

8.  Gosh, government, you didn't have to threaten to shut down to keep me from even thinking about working for you again and moving back to DC. Whatever. I'll just stay here. Our neighbors just got a new cow, so . . . anyway. No, I'm not tearing up, there's something in my eye.  Leave me alone. 

9. {dance break}

10. According to my calendar, October is going to be a swell month: a couple super duper concerts, a few day trips with super duper friends,  return of The Walking Dead (super duper zombies?), and perfect non-sweating, non-freezing temperatures. Let's turn that page on the calendar already!

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  1. I seriously laughed out loud when I read number 3. I keep going back to it and reading it so I can laugh again. :) I should tell you what he said to me afterwards. I forgot to tell you the other day.