Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Song the Week: Sara Watkins

It's July and it is hot. Newsflash, right? But with this summer time heatwave comes dinners made up entirely of juicy tomatoes right from the garden, late night barefoot walks trying to catch fireflies, more excuses than you need to have just one more glass of lemonade, and laying smack dab in the front of the air conditioning vents as much as possible. However, in real life land, summer days aren't always that whimsical (p.s.  I despise the word whimsical), many days are just plain gross:  you are drowning and suffocating in sweat and humidity after being outside for 1.5 seconds, the air conditioning always goes out on the hottest day, or when the metro trains are packed (I don't miss those days. Not at all.),  and 98% people are are just plain cranky when it's hotter than a BBQ in Hades. But life is all about balance, so when I think that I am about to melt into a pool of sweat and frizzy hair and want to complain to everything living thing about it, I tune my ears into some tunes to pull me back into the land the living.  Sara Watkins' Long Hot Summer Days, a John Hartford cover, is perfect for all occasions and situations that include any of the above. A fiddle and delightful folksy voices are definitely the best on hot summer days, whether you are drinking lemonade from a carefully styled mason jar, or downing cheap Otter Pops like there is no tomorrow. 

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