Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Song of the Week: Nathaniel Rateliff

I can't believe that I haven't featured Nathaniel Rateliff's music here on the old blog. I guess I did talk about him that one time I saw him, but he deserves so many more words. So, let's give him a couple more nouns, verbs and misplaced commas.

Although he is currently based out of Denver, Colorado and has been for quite awhile, Mr. Rateliff was born and raised in Missouri. THAT'S HERE!  I know that every city and every state and every piece of land and sea has their own stories, but when you share dirt or well traveled roads or know how to correctly pronounce odd city names (ah hem . . .Auxvasse), then your smile tends to be just a little bigger when one of your own does something good in life. 

There is an honestly and maybe a little bit of strain from a  heavy heart and weary life in his music. It is the kind of stuff that you can close your eyes and just sink into,  especially when you feel a little heavy and weary yourself. His talent of both songwriting and song singing captures that little bit of human nature that we both want to hide from everyone and share with everyone at the same time. So. Good.

And because I like you,  here is not one, but two songs from Nathaniel Rateliff:

"Shroud" from his album In Memory of Loss

"No Place to Fall" a Townes Van Zandlt cover

You can download the songs from his Fuel/Friends Chapel Sessions, including the above cover, here.

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