Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Song of the Week: Gogol Bordello

 I first heard Gogol Bordello in 2005 on a Warped Tour compilation CD that I picked up somewhere along the way. These comps have a billions songs on them so I put the disc in the player in my car and let it play. When Gogol Bordello and their song, "Start Wearing Purple,"  came on, I had to pull over and stop the car. What is this beautiful assault on my ears?  Fast forward to me purchasing every single song they have ever produced and if your brain can stand it, picture many night dancing and jumping around my apartment to these wild gypsy tunes.  The band is the brain child of Eugene Hutz* and his crazy talented friends from all around the world. Eugene himself is from Ukraine, and the current line up of the band is a like a spinning globe. World music at it's finest and greatest, the kind that you just know can and will change for good the world, the whole world.

Gogol Bordello released their latest album, Purda Vida Conspiracy, last week and the first single off that album, "Malandrino" totally makes my own gypsy blood and heritage smile. Blood can totally smile you guys, and it isn't gross at all.


You can download this song for the price of an email address at the Gogol Bordello website. They will playing in the Kansas City area (OK, Bonner Springs, KS, close enough) this Saturday as part of night 2 of Buzz Under the Stars.

I know you are shouting, MORE, MORE, MORE! You don't have to yell, especially this late at night, you'll wake the neighbors. My absolute favorite Gogol Bordello song is "Wanderlust King" (video here), and their NPR Tiny Desk Concert (view here) is one of my favorites.  Let's go ahead and wake up the neighbors, they need to hear this stuff and then we can totally challenge the next neighborhood over to a wild dance off and it would be super suspenseful like all those dance movies (who's going win?!!)  and then we will all go out for BBQ, since that is how most stories in the Mid-west end. 

* Side note: Eugene Hutz played the role of Alex in the movie adaption of Jonathan Safran Foer's amazing book, Everything is Illuminated. The movie differs from book on many parts, but is still very moving, and a great deal of it's beauty is Eugene's performance.

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