Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Song of the Week: Dough Rollers-

I was watching a show the other day about an old blues club. The club had fallen on some hard times and brought in a consultant to help figure out how to get things 'happening' again. The consultant made a huge fuss on how the club should dump the blues music, their target audience (21-45 year olds) just don't listen to blues anymore. I was personally offended.

In my little world, blues is the foundation of all American music. You start saying the blues, wait, I am going to caps lock that sucker, THE BLUES, are no longer relevant, that they have no place or business, and it's like pulling out a cornerstone of society; civilizations will crumble,  puppies and kittens will cry and aliens won't even try to invade out planet because it wouldn't be worth it anymore.

But never fear kids, puppies, kittens and extraterrestrial music lovers, there are are bands that are keeping alive, preserving and evolving the barbaric yawp of the blues. One just band is The Dough Rollers. They have gone through some evolving since their early shows, but whether it is two people or a handful, whether they are leaning towards the old times or breaking out something new, the soul (and Malcolm Ford's growl--holy, holy cow) of the music is the bluesy same;  intense, raw and soul shaking.

They also have released a new 7 inch today (July 9) on Third Man Records

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