Sunday, July 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Woody Guthrie!

Here's to Woody's words and music inspiring the world for another 101 years (and beyond!)!

Words of Wisdom from Mr. Guthrie:

I have hoped as many hopes and dreamed so many dreams, seen them swept aside by weather, and blown away by men, washed away in my own mistakes, that — I use to wonder if it wouldn't be better just to haul off and quit hoping. Just protect my own inner brain, my own mind and heart, by drawing it up into a hard knot, and not having any more hopes or dreams at all. Pull in my feelings, and call back all of my sentiments — and not let any earthly event move me in either direction, either cause me to hate, to fear, to love, to care, to take sides, to argue the matter at all — and, yet ... there are certain good times, and pleasures that I never can forget, no matter how much I want to, because the pleasures, and the displeasures, the good times and the bad, are really all there is to me.

And these pleasures that you cannot ever forget are the yeast that always starts working in your mind again, and it gets in your thoughts again, and in your eyes again, and then, all at once, no matter what has happened to you, you are building a brand new world again, based and built on the mistakes, the wreck, the hard luck and trouble of the old one.

( from Notes about Music, March 29, 1946)

Many musicians of the world still carry around Woody Guthrie's music and tenderly and raucously keep it alive by performing it to audiences big and small, inspiring hearts and minds, here's a couple of my favorite:

Old Crow Medicine Show, Mumford & Sons, and Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes performing "This Train is Bound for Glory":

Bruce Springsteen performing "Riding in My Car" a song Woody wrote for his children:

Dropkick Murphys performing "Shipping Up to Boston"

And last, but never least, Bob Dylan & The Band performing: "I Aint Got No Home"

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