Friday, July 5, 2013

10 Things

1.  My latest moral dilemma is whether or not to digitize my vinyl record collection. Having music in digital format is portable and easy to share, however I worry about losing the physical act of playing a record and the connection to music that you feel when it is tangible in your hands. There is no fast forwarding or skipping or random shuffle. Just listening. I know that makes me sound like pretentious hipster, but you know what I mean, right?

2. And now I'm going to break every single word that I said up there in #1. I have been listening to this song, "Lightening Bolt" by Jake Bugg, in digital format in my car all this week on repeat. I can't get enough of it.  Next time you're in my car, your job will be clapping along. You should probably start practicing right now.

3. I don't know how I feel about Instagram videos, they freak me about a little bit. You're scrolling through the pictures in your feed and all of sudden the pictures start moving. WHAT KIND OF MAGIC IS THIS?

4.  Yo, Google Reader is gone.  I switched to Feedly. The end. Can we all stop talking about it now?

5. This week I have had The Walking Dead streaming as I work on other things, 'cause that is called multitasking and that supposedly is a skill successful people have. I have previously watched an episode here and there, but I wanted to start from the beginning. If you haven't heard about it, it's basically a zombie apocalypse story. In my head, it isn't so much about the gore of OMG zombies, but about humanity in inhumane situations. And all this got me thinking, why is lately everything about a zombie apocalypse? Why not a a bunny apocalypse? Oh. Wait. Never mind. I've seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail and what can come of killer bunnies. I don't want that either. I wonder if there is apocalypse menu we can choose from?

6. I would like to bring this up here since the people I have told in person have not given me the accolades that I think I deserve. The other day when I came home it was pretty obvious that the cat had brought in a bird. Pause. Remember that I have a fear of birds. Previous bird incidents have resulted in meltdowns and using friends and family as human shields. But today, I located the bird (a blue jay, deceased), disposed of it, vacuumed up all the feathers, washed my hands a bajillion times, and there was only the teeniest freak out dance going on. So brave.

7. Cutting up a mango with grace will never, ever, be a skill listed on my resume. I have read step by step instructions, and I have watched videos, but it always ends up looking a like a horror show. At least today I was using the mango meat for Popsicles, so it didn't have to look pretty, but still, it's embarrassing. . . and messy.

8. Wednesday (July 3) was Franz Kafka birthday! I learned this how I learn most things in life these days; the Google doodle theme.  Let's all wear party hats and discuss if we are bugs or just think we are bugs. Kafka is one of my favorite authors (I have lots of favorite authors), he writes those types of stories that stab and wound you and when you finish the last page, you throw the book against the wall, wait a few minutes and then go get the book and start it again. You know . . the good kind of books.

9. In other current event news: ROYAL BABY WATCH! I am hoping William and Kate will have a girl and name her Eleanor. It's a cute name for a little girl, yet still regal enough for a queen. However, I think it may be too French sounding, (i.e. Eleanor of Aquitaine) and we really can't have that for an English Queen. 

10. The Independence Day fireworks in my 'hood were insane, like whoa.  I guess living a little bit out in the country means you get to blow things up with pride. And the icing on the "Merica! cake was my commute to the show: open the front door, sit on the porch, DONE. And siting there on the porch watching the sky light up, I had a sense of optimism well up inside of me;  maybe I can take on those Red Coats after all. 

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