Saturday, June 8, 2013

Three of My Favorite Letters

When I worked in Washington, DC I had the opportunity to go on special tours of many fantastic places, but one that was so near and dear to my little heart was NPR HQ. I love everything about NPR, I truly do, but their music programing tops the list 4-sure. And actually getting to see where all the magic comes from was pretty golden.  I have discovered and fallen in love with so much music via those three little letters.  

Recently NPR moved into a new building, and what better way to move than have the band Ok Go film a Tiny Desk Concert as they moved the actually Tiny Desk from one location to another.  This little video is so charming and got to my heart pitter and pattering a little seeing DC streets and buildings so familiar to me.  DC may be a crazy place to live and work, but it is always exciting and has one killer soundtrack.

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