Monday, June 24, 2013

The Art of the Mix Tape

Every few months or so, I talk/write/blog/dance around and clap my hands about a group of friends that I have and our music swapping adventures. Today on Miranda's blog we share some of our thoughts about creating that perfect mix tape and sharing music. 

One member of our little musical group recently accepted a job out of the country, so the fate of sending cds crisscrossing across the country may be in question, but hopefully we are sending her off with enough songs filled with hand claps and accordion solos to get her through whatever challenges she bravely faces on the other side of the seas.

I am ridiculously grateful for knowing and sharing with these fine friends and all the others that have joined in our parade now and then.  I have said it before and I will keep saying it until someone pulls out my tongue (not an invitation), music has a way to connect us, maybe deeper than a lot of other things in life. I don't know how or why, but it just does and I am grateful for that. 

"I love the relationship that anyone has with music: because there's something in us that is beyond the reach of words, something that eludes and defies our best attempts to spit it out. It's the best part of us, probably, the richest and strangest part..."
—Nick Hornby, Songbook

A look back at my music swap contributions:
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  1. Love this! And I don't know that I'll ever have enough hand claps and accordion solos to satisfy me, but you've given me a good start! I don't know if we'll disband or take a hiatus but it's been a great ride so far. Thanks, friend :)