Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Song of the Week: The Mr. T Experience

I hated my first semester of college. Let me use my usual dramatics to emphasize that point: I haaaaaaaated my first semester of college. I think that I called home every other day for a month or two and asked my parents to come and get me, I did not belong there. But there was no way that they were going to drive across the country again, so I stayed. I eventually figured out that the dorm cafeteria served pie on Sundays, I eventually found the surprisingly comfortable couches in the library bathrooms to take naps between classes and I eventually made friends with the kid in my Latin class with the Fugazi patch on his back pack (and other music friends). It other words, I found my life survival skills: pie, naps and music. Not always in that order.

And with these surivial skills, I survived and even had fun along the way.

I was going through a box the other day, not unpacking--that is too much of a an acknowledgement of staying-- and found  a couple of albums from the Mr. T Experience. This song, honestly named Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba, held a golden spot on the soundtrack of my life during that whole higher education/finding myself time and still brings back all the good of that time.

My life 'til now has been filled with doubt
Here, I am, 'cause there's no other place I can go
But I can see you're a lot like me . . .

Now . . . .anyone up for some pie and a nap?

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