Sunday, June 16, 2013

Lately . . .

Some bits and pieces from life lately:

Scenes from a walk-about: 
A bird at a safe distance. 

These clouds are not what you want to see when are a good 20 --run for life-- minutes away from any shelter. 

I made a visit to The Better Cheddar cheese shop in Prairie Village, KS. I took home a chunk called "SeaHive." It is a cheese made in Utah and rubbed with Utah sea salt and honey. It was good by itself, but pair it with a crisp green apple, and the honey really comes out, and WOW. 

To yoga or nap. This debate happens a lot around here.

A postcard with flying pigs, summer music and chocolate from Europe in the mall, all the same day? Whaaat? Awesome, that is what. 

Thanks to you too, Ducky Boys!

I'm trying to grow a watermelon vertically, up the cage, instead of spreading out at ground level. It could work, right? Gravity. Whatevs. 

My dad an OG hipster
I am usually fine on holidays until someone reminds me that I should be sad. All this morning people kept reminding me that it is Father's Day and since my dad is high 5ing it up on the other side, I should be sad today. But I wasn't sad until they kept tell me I should be. Then I was sad. Then I realized I get to choose how to celebrate whatever holidays, however I want to, and I pick to still celebrate Father's Day. Anti-establishment to the bone.  

Today, I also choose to celebrate Bloomsday. A day to celebrate the Irish writer James Joyce, on the day, June 16, that the events in the novel Ulysses take place. I haven't read Ulysses all the way, I get intimidated a couple chapters in, but every now and then I pick it up and carry it around and think, one day, one day. However, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, changed my life the first time I read it in the 11th grade. And I've been to Dublin, so BOOM,  I'm totally qualified to celebrate any and all James Joyce related holidays. 

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