Saturday, May 11, 2013

Song of the Weekend: Mowgli's

The Mowgli's song, "San Francisco" has been getting a lot of radio time here in the heartland and rightfully so. It is a happy sun drenched song.  Every time it plays on that little sound box in my car, I turn it up and roll my windows down to make sure that everyone around me knows just how fun a song it is.  It's like a form of community service.

And this single did it's job as a single, getting a song so comfortably stuck in my head that I needed to find out and fill my head with other music by this band, so I bought their new 5 song EP, Love's Not Dead. Oh singles, you gateway drugs. I am finding this little album to be the perfect spring, almost summer music, there is just a freedom to it. A freedom that is ingrained in us as little kids with summer vacations and as adults we can't quite give up the idea of long summer nights chasing fireflies and days without tests of our knowledge, skills and worth. 

Don't you want to see how good life can be? Let's make a harmony and life will sing. --from "Time"

The Mowgli's will be back here in Kansas City Metro, performing as part of Night One of Buzz Under the Stars on June 1. 

And in other music news, have you guys seen the gold and platinum metallic vinyl editions of the The Great Gatsby soundtrack?  Wacka wow.  I saw the movie this weekend, putting my English degree to good use, and loved it from the acting to the production and thought it was a good and respectable representation of the novel (with the few flaws and changes Hollywood always seems to have to throw in for good measure). Moral of the story: don't marry a polo player.  I know that there has been some chatter about using modern music, specially rap music in the movie and soundtrack. I thought it fit perfectly to the story and feeling of the film.  

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