Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Song of the Week: A Soundtrack to Summer Mix tape

Every now and then instead of just one song for the Song of Week, I give you a whole playlist, and it's that time again!  Summer always make me super nostalgic so my little playlist which I submit for your listening pleasure below , is filled with some new songs, but mostly memory filled songs of yore.

A Soundtrack to Summer

1. Rockaway Beach—The Ramones
 Duh. Like I need an excuse to sneak The Ramones into people's ears. 

2. Summertime—Langhorne Slim & the Law
Summertime IS HERE, and bringing with it some pretty sweet piano.  (Well, technically summer is almost here, but who reads calendars anymore anyways. Certainly not Mother Nature.)

3.  Heavy Metal Drummer—Wilco
A little love song about seeing live music in the summer. Trivia fact: 98% of the time I have seen Wilco live it has been outside in the summer.  To the best of my knowledge, none of them have worn shinny, shinny pants . . .yet. 

4.Window Sill—Pickwick
‘Cause in the summer we all open our windows up WIDE.  A little bit of a stretch for our summer theme, but this song is just so rock and roll, it makes me want to grab my tambourine and sing and shout.   

5. Home for Supper—Hoots & Hellsmouth
I spent my teenage years, and have now returned to Missouri, on the edge of city and country. We are deep in the Bible Belt and there are churches that still set up their revival tents in the summer. This song isn’t preachy, but it reminds of seeing those big white tents.

6.  Let’s Go—He’s My Brother She’s My Sister
Summertime is a time for escaping and freedom, sometimes in more ways than the obvious.

7. Summer Blooms—Whetherman
Here’s your song with handclaps in it, pretty much a must on any playlist I make.  This one also has whistling, a little bonus just for you.  It just oozes summer, like a popsicle dripping down your chin.

8. Into the Mystic—Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova (Van Morrison cover//from the Once soundtrack)

9. Summer Home—Typhoon
Not to fall too much off the hyperbole cliff, but the winter months are just so heavy for me. I need the sun. And when I feel the cold dark months dragging on, I play this song on repeat:  “Can we wait for summer again? Can we hold out for summer again?  Will we ever be whole again?”

10. Keep On Walking—Passenger
There is so much happiness and truth in this song. 
“I keep on walking until till I find that old love or that old love comes to find me.”

11.  California—Tyler Lyle
Banjo AND handclaps. Yep. I did it.  Well, actually Tyler Lyle did it. I spent my little years (under the age of 12) in California so I guess this a little nod to that sunny state. However, the song is about starting over which isn’t bound by any season or month, but starting over near a beach always has a nice ring to it.

12. Middle of June—Noah Gundersen
Noah Gundersen has the habit of stopping me in my tracks by the pure beauty of his music. I find everything about this song just so gut retching perfect.

13. Shenandoah-Trampled by Turtles
In the 6 years that I lived on the East Coast, I don’t know if I found a more beautiful place than the Shenandoah Valley. I spent many summer weekends there camping with friends, hiking the Blue Ridge Mountains, running like a crazy lady in wide open fields and breathing deeply. It will always be one of my favorite places on this little blue marble we called Earth.  Also, last summer some friends and I saw Trampled by Turtles, outside in 100 billion degree weather, right before the world ended. Or a storm hit the DC area knocking the power out for a week. The world tends to end a lot in DC. But that night on the way home, sitting in my car at a road-stop eating snacks and talking about our lives and hopes and dreams as the wind and rain pelted my car will always be a happy summer memory.

You can also listen to this playlist on Spotify, if you are into that. Please be into that. 

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