Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Song of the Week: Joe Pug

I know that I shouldn't start a post about a beautiful song with a sad story. A sad selfish story. ((shrug)) But I am. This weekend I have a bout of food poisoning and besides shaking my sick and pathetic fist at the universe, "Why are you doing this to me?," and vowing that I will never, ever, ever, ever eat anything again, all I could do was watch little You Tube videos* on my phone curled up in my ramshackle nest of sheets and blankets or on the cold bathroom floor. Too much? Does this stage really have to be set in that much detail?


I watched this video for Joe Pug's Hymn #76 about 76 times. Or 5968 times. I don't know, I was delirious and I am not good at math. 

Oh, Joe Pug. I am pretty the beauty of his songs make me cry 87.5% of the time. And that is even when I am perfectly healthy. I've been able to catch him live, and even in a large and crowded venue, he makes the show feel so intimate and well, perfect. Perfect as in the completeness of a moment. You don't want or need anything else in that moment of time.

And since Joe Pug is such a peach, he is giving you the above song for free and 4 others on his website. You'll love Hymn #101.  Pinky swear promise. 

*I'm too super nervous to watch the trailer for Ender's Game. Somebody tell me if it is ok for me to watch. I still feel the book is too good for Hollywood to trash it up, even if Harrison Ford is in it. It just makes me nervous. NERVOUS. 

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