Monday, May 20, 2013

On the Homestead: Storms, Dreams and Gardens

Right after this entry was posted, a deadly tornado hit Oklahoma. People were lost in this powerful act of nature. There are no words that can ease the pain or answer the question of way this had to happen. May the families, friends and people of Oklahoma find strength and comfort in the memories of their loved ones and know that the heart of Heartland beats for them today and tomorrow and all the hard days to come. 

Last night we had some pretty fantastic storms here in old Mid-West. Tornadoes and the heartbreaking damage they leave in their paths were spotted in Oklahoma and Kansas. On this side of the state line, we had a raucous thunder and lightning show.
 I was so unprepared for this storm. I didn't make brownies* or a playlist of stormy songs.**  There definitely needs to be more emergency preparedness drills in my future. 

This light and sound show was definitely the must see thing of the night and by night, I mean all night. I stayed up way too late watching and listening to the heavens shake. And maaaybe watching a Firefly marathon. I mean, going to bed or watching a space western, is like the easiest decision known to man. Whenever I am involved in some silly conversation about celebrity crushes and it is my turn to divulge, it is usually a toss up between Nathan Fillion and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. It think I am safely on team Nathan now, for all those who are keeping track.

I went to bed so late into the night that it was really early in the morning. And a pleasant sleep it was not.  I had a reoccurring bad dream that I have had most of my life. I haven't had it in a while, and thought that I had vanished it forever since I resolved the whole issue in my dream. But atlas, it flooded my subconscious last night/this morning. And the most annoying thing about it is that it a dream within a dream within a dream, so even if I make myself "wake up" once or twice, I'm still in the dream. And then when I wake up, and make sure I am for real awake, I spend a good 15 minutes shaking and turning on lights and thinking about unicorns and kittens bringing my pie filled with rainbows.

I did finally fall asleep this morning, and lucky me, dreamt that I started a new job and had a desk/cubicle in a bullpen, not a real bullpen, but you know-- a cluster of desks, and I am cleaning out the desk from the previous person and discover that it is my desk from the job I left in 2006. WHAT DOES ALL THIS MEAN?

I was worried that the storm was going to take out my little garden. I have not had the best luck with weather and the garden this year.  I lost several plants to the freak snow storm we had in earlier this month and have had some just plain old bad luck with other plants, especially herbs. After planting and replanting 3 times, I  just have to come to terms with not having cilantro for fresh salsa this year. I guess it is all a lesson in survival of the fittest.  So when I eat my little harvest all throughout the summer  I will be eating SURVIVAL.
The before picture; it's my first time doing raised bed gardening
Onions and lettuce
Not pictured: tomatoes, and herbs (dill, rosemary, lavender, basil and Thai basil, and a couple so very sad cilantro plants)

*Long ago I decided for long forgotten reasons that tornado warning merit brownies.  Natural disasters merit chocolate. It is like a rule or something.

**Yes, if you don't know me that well yet, I do make a playlist for everything. Oh, you're tying your shoes, wait, wait, I'LL MAKE YOU A MIXED TAPE.

My, my, my I sure am all caps lock yell-y today.

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