Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Kanrocksas was fun while it lasted.

Last week I posted about the Kanrocksas music festival happening in a couple weeks. Well, make that, was scheduled to happen in a couple of weeks. Almost exactly a week after the schedule was released, the two day festival has been officially cancelled due to poor ticket sales.

It really wasn't too much of a surprise and there is a lot of talk about what went wrong. It probably was a lot of things. I have mentioned that festivals aren't really my favorite venues of live music, they are complex beasts. So things didn't work out and there is no festival.

I think the thing that I am most disappointed about is the shadow that this cancellation may cast on the local music scene. But I am not sure I can even speak for the local scene at all. I am still trying to figure out it all out.  I just want every single one of those bands on that former festival line up to keep the Kansas City area on their tour routes. Come sing us your songs, come fill our souls.

Especially The Descendents. 

The Descendents were probably the band that was going to make the festival for me. I haven't seen them since college when I lived out west. In fact, they were one of the --let's listen to them obsessively until my roommates threaten to kick me out--bands of my college years. Look at me falling into the pit of nostalgic again. Let's just not remember all those Latin classes, I am still a little fuzzy about the pluperfect tense. 

I think squealing was involved when I saw the Descendents on the Kanrocksas lineup. I really, really wanted to see them. I still really, really, really want to see them. Milo, like the rest of us aint getting any younger. Now I guess all that is left to do is dig out a black hoodie, zip it up all the way and be all mopey for exactly 17 seconds. Than get over myself and high five all the bands that are still comin' touring  the K(dot) C (dot) this summer and the bands that are releasing new music, and fresh strawberries, they deserve high fives too. Every summer deserves to be a summer of music.

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