Monday, May 13, 2013

From the Editor

I know that it may feel that this blog is slowly morphing in to a music blog. I don't know if or if not that is really an intention of mine, and I hope that it hasn't negatively effected (ie bored) any of my readership. Within my friends in real life circles I am known for my quirky escapades and random musings, which make for splendid blog filler, but there hasn't been a lot of those lately. You see, moving back to Missouri from DC is proving to be very different from what I thought or expected it to be. And very different can sometimes be translated into very difficult.  But different and difficult aren't always bad either.  I can't believe that it has been 4 months. My life currently is no where near what I thought it would be when I first planned out this so called next chapter in my life, and there are many of times that I feel that I have wasted this weird grey area time in my life.  But the one thing in my life that has stayed constant is music. When I can't focus enough to read a book, or I can't stand writing another list of things to do or rage inducing "goals", or when my heart is just beating too fast thinking about the should of's and could of's and what if's and every other single stupid question, music is there. When I can't think of a single other thing to talk about or write about or think about, I can always talk about another song. And as long as I can do that, than I know that my head is still above water. 

I still feel like I am at a crossroad, still trying to figure out just how much I am willing to sacrifice and change to make the life that I know deep down inside I want, still, how I can make this sound even more like an cheesy after school special, still figuring out what my life is all about. Which I am sure that at any given time, 98% of the world population is also trying to figure all these things out, so this isn't groundbreaking news.  But sometimes all that is kinda hard to put in a nice little blog post, even if I do want to share.  So if you can hold out through a couple more songs and music posts (I hope somewhere along the way you have hear something you like), I'm sure that plenty of pie days and road trips (like to the new Woody Guthrie Center in OK, eek!) will follow. And just you wait until my tomato plants start producing, you won't be able to shut me up about those.  Um . . .I wonder if there are any songs about tomatoes?  Duh, maybe one of the best lines in a song ever, " She's a sad tomato." from REM's Crush with Eyeliner. MUSIC WINS. 

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