Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Walk to Remember

I live on the line between city and country. A quick drive gets me to every modern convenience I could want or need. But an even shorter walk gets me to roads and paths less traveled by. Last week when I couldn't stand to be inside for more minute than I absolutely had to, I explored some of the nearby walking paths and trails, and learned some mucho important things:

1. Just because people are wearing sun visors AND fanny packs doesn't mean they know where they are going. The paths I tend to follow are lovely, but aren't marked with signage at all, so I thought I would just follow some of my fellow walkers to get things going and since the sun visor crowd looked like they knew what was up, I picked them. Nope, I soon found myself in the middle of some zen maze path. Pftth. I am finding fewer and fewer situations were following someone with a fanny pack is ever good idea. 
2. Just because people are running fast, doesn't mean they are being chased by Wolverine.  I was minding my own business on one of the paths and all of a sudden these 2 guys come out of nowhere and they are running towards me really, really fast. And not just--look at us we are gazelles running gracefully faster than you-fast, but like running away from something fast. Naturally, my first thought was, "Are they being chased by Wolverine? I know I can't out run Wolverine." I don't know why my first thought centered around Logan what's his face alter ego, it isn't like I have watch X-men recently (really). But then I realized that Wolverine is the good guy and if he is chasing these guys, then they are bad guys, so it is a good thing that they are running fast past me. And Wolverine would totally be my friend. Then I realized (again), with probably not a moment to spare, that I am a 30 something lady wondering if a superhero would be my friend. Huh. I then made myself think about the party dress I still have to get for an upcoming event. Just to even things out and all. This is how my mind works, folks. 

3. I have no idea what that Field of Dreams movie is about. Like I mentioned before, the paths aren't marked at all, and the terrain is pretty rolling,  so it is pretty easy to suddenly have no idea where you are at, or if it is quicker to keep walking hoping the path will loop around, or if you should turn around.  I was having one of the those moments, and decided to keep walking and then BAM I found myself close to some baseball playing fields. FIELD OF DREAMS. I was hoping these were magic fields and Kevin Costner would suddenly appear and tell me how to get back home. On second thought,  I don't think I want Kevin Costner to ever suddenly appear. I knew that I should build something and people would come or something like that. But I didn't do any of that. I just turned around and went back the same way I came. Wow. The story was pretty anti-climatic. Sorry about that.
4. If you are the only person for as far as the eye can see, go ahead sing out loud. Really loud. Air drums are totally ok too, I'm still undecided about air guitar usage. 

5. Be however grown up and fancy as you want, but passing lakeside swings and NOT swinging is not only silly, but I am sure it kills butterflies somewhere. Don't let butterflies die. SWING.

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  1. This is why I love you! Wolverine, party dresses, Kevin Costner, butterflies and beautiful photos...I've missed you! :)