Thursday, May 2, 2013

10 Things

1. Did know you that The Walking Dead and Toy Story basically have the same plot? Word. This article is brilliant.  Let's all be zombie extras and then go away to college.

2. Dude, I just saw a herd of deer run across my backyard. A herd. A herd is like 5, right?  

3. Shazam is my new favorite app for my phone.  It is about 87% less annoying than your know-it-all music friend who has to tell you some long drawn out story about some obscure band when all you want to know is the name of a song.

4.  I am trying to convince a group of friends to go with me on a float trip this summer. They are HUGE deal out here. Float trips, that is, but my friends are big deals too.  I haven't gone on a trip down the river since high school and I feel it needs to be done before I can be a true Missourian again. The best reply to my pleas of river companionship was this one from a friend: "I suppose I can walk down a river in Missouri holding a canoe." Our rivers do have a reputation of being low, especially late in the summer,  but sometimes the river people (river folk?) and their antics make up for it.

5. File this under things about make believe TV land that bug the crap out of me: In The Big Bang Theory there is a card catalog in Sheldon and Leonard's living room. It is like in a bijillion shots of every episode, but they never, ever mention it. Whyyyyyy?   I've mentioned this glaring error to a friend that works for the network and asked how I can contact the writers so they can put the darn thing in a story line or at least give it a passing Holla. And by darn thing, I mean one of the greatest things ever.  If I had an old timey card catalog, which I do want so badly, I would talk about it all the time and bring great attention to it, as it should be. I don't think my friend took me seriously, but I feel this crusade needs to go on. 

6.  My sister is coming into town for a couple of days and whenever she comes we have to give ourselves some big elaborate cooking/baking challenge.  It has been decided that Napoli style pizza is this time's winner. Did I spend an entire day hunting down Italian style 00 flour and the fancy science stuff to make our own mozzarella? Yep. This could either go really well, in which I will totally rub it in  y'all's faces or really, really badly, in which I will never speak of it again. Stay tuned.

7. Do you know what Kansas City needs? A pie truck. A pie truck that drives to my house and gives me pie.  At 3 in the morning. Why can't life be all about me. And pie. 

8.  Even though it is way overpriced and completely unreliable, sometimes I miss the DC Metro (subway). I miss not being able to blame it for me always being late, having 2 hours a day of time to read a book and making up stories about the mass of humanity around me. In my head, at least 70% of all DC riders are spies. Speaking of DC, which I have been told lately makes me sound snobbish, but whatever, my favorite music venue there, which so happens to be metro accessible (whoa, tied the two thoughts together), The 9:30 Club, was recently named the best big room venue in America, by Rolling Stone magazine. I have so many happy memories in that place, that I can't bare to take them off my Facebook and Instagram feeds even though they break my heart weekly talking about shows I'm not going to. 

9.  Missouri radio, thank you, thank you for playing Frank Turner.  You may make me sit in the car in the parking lot when I have should be inside like 5 minutes ago, but it is worth it just to hear, "If anyone asks us, let's just tell them we met in jail" from Mr. Turner's newest song, "Recovery." His album Tape Deck Heart came out here in the US last week, you should get to listening to it. 

10.  I know that it is unlady like to complain about the weather, but as I have already talked about zombies and meeting guys in jail . . . . The only thing that I will say about it being 36 degrees in the middle of the day, a May day, is that I hope that we get at least a couple weeks of nice, real nice, weather before it gets all 105 degrees with higher than hell humidity. That is all. 

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  1. Two things:
    1. We totally read all the same articles this week, including the brilliant feature in Saveur about making Napoli pizza at home. I expect a play-by-play update.

    2. If it is to be, it's up to ye. Pie truck is all you, lady. Seriously. You'd have a fan club lining up all hours of the day. Do it. Do it!