Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sights & Sounds: Langhorne Slim & the Law/ Lucero

I have to apologize before I get this ball running; I am going to begin with some words of pity.  I have a horrible headache. I have had a horrible headache for about a week straight. No over the counter drugs or old wives tales seem to help, so I am left to believe that there is an alien parasite growing inside my head about to break free at any moment summoning the mothership and bringing to pass some alien invasion apocalypse.  I hope you all have your end of the world evacuation plans and cleaning supplies ready, I feel like it is going to get messy.

So here I am squinting at my computer screen because opening up my eyes all the way and letting in all that light and tying to type these itty bitty words isn't working that well. But I cannot not say a few words about a pretty super concert I went to last night.  I'm hoping, maybe a little later, to post my usual OMG music can save your soul and OMG these bands are so good and my heart broke and leaped at the same time; these two bands totally deserve lots of kind words from a completely sane and fulling functioning person. But seeing how I never have claimed to ever be either one of those, or have high hopes of ever becoming either, let me just cut to the chase: see Langhorne Slim and Lucero together, separately, every. single. chance. you get. 

I have mentioned Langhorne Slim & the Law a couple times on this blog and I hope that all that brainwashing is working. They are fantastic live, bringing a new level to all their music.  Last night, they were the opening band so they played an extremely short set, but their energy on stage is matched by few bands touring these days. The floor at the Granada was shaking under my feet because an audience in front of these fellows cannot, by every law of nature, stand still. Stomp. Dance. Wave your hands in the air like you just don't care. And if you are thinking that I am just being giddy, well, when they performed on the Conan O'Brien show earlier this year, Conan pulled out his red guitar and jammed with them, so if you don't want to trust me, trust the tall red headed man. Banjo freakout. (for some reason I can't embed the video, but you can watch it here). 

Lucero was the headliner last night and in my opinion played one of the most perfect sets I have seen from a band in a long time. They played old stuff, they played new stuff, they took requests, they covered Jawbreaker, they played for almost two straight hours and after those two hours Ben Nichols jumped right of the stage and hung out with the crowd a little longer.  They have been called southern rock, they have been called indie alternative country punk (whatever that even means), but to me, their music is clearly American rock n'roll at it's best. They've got every good music influence flowing from their fingertips;  the blues, jazz, honky tonk, a little punk when they want to play fast, all the raw and grit of musicians doing their thing for the last hundred years or so.  And most importantly, they connect with the audience in a very honest way. Even with my head wanting to explode and even standing by one of the most annoying people to every grace this planet (sure, scream the wrong words to every single song in my ear all night, that would be awesome), I still couldn't stop from having the goofiest of grins on my face all night. And when Ben Nichols sings of heartache in his deep gravelly voice that I swear can make rocks melt, you feel, deep down in your toes, from where he is coming from because you have been there too. 

Wow. Those are a lot more words then I thought I would be able to bang out. Maybe it is a sign that the alien in my head at least has good taste in music. 

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