Sunday, April 14, 2013

Picture of the Week: 15

Before moving to the East Coast I lived in a college town smack dab in the middle of the state. It was a great time in my life, I met some wonderful people who I still count as more family than just friends, I actually had coworkers I adored and I ate way too much Chinese food for my own good. But in the midst of exploding volcano parties and making s'mores by candlelight, there was a pretty dark time in my life. During this time I bought a cheap-o guitar, probably not really worth the "wood" it is made out of. I have always loved music and the emotional release that it gave me, and I thought maybe I could channel or change a little bit of frustration into some music. I believe that music is a language, and sometimes you need something a little deeper than words alone.

This is not when I tell you that I realized that I am some gifted- unknown until that moment- music writing genius. Nope.  But back then, when the apartment was quiet and the demons in my head were loud, I would pull out the guitar and practice chords. To be honestly, just three of them: G, C, D.  Over and over I would practice these chords until my fingers hurt.  The act of simple repetition quieted and focused my mind, which back then wasn't an easy task.

When I decided to move to Washington DC, I only took whatever could fit in my car. Sadly, that didn't include this guitar and it sat abandoned in a corner at my parents' house gathering dust. . . until this week.  The other day I picked it up and started again with my three chords. My fingers were clumsy and the guitar was so out of tune, but there was also a sense of familiarly; I knew the chords well enough once upon a time and they stayed with me, somewhere in the layers of my life. My fingers and brain finally connected, "Hey, we knew these chords." And once again I sat on my bed, cross legged and barefoot and played G, C, D until my fingers hurt.

 I know that I will be never a rock star, I don't know if I will even write an original song or lead campfire sing alongs, and maybe having a guitar and only playing three chords is kind of ridiculous. But maybe all that is OK with me at this very second in my life.  Maybe I am just happy to have my three saving grace chords again.

 Although someday I might learn a new chord just for kicks, I hear F is quite lovely. 

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