Monday, April 29, 2013

'Cause Everyone Loves a Kinks Cover in the Woods.

You guys. You. Guys.

I'm at that time of day where I play chicken with my computer to see how many windows and tabs I can have open before it explodes. I like to live on the edge. But even though I can feel my computer getting ready to burst into flames, I cannot stop hitting replay on this video.

If only all the shows really did take place in the middle of the woods and we could all be barefoot. If only. This tour pretty much looks like the definition of a "good time," with or without the quotation marks.  And 2 stops in Missouri + 1 more just barely over the border in Lawrence, KS? Attention music world: this is how it is done.

June is booking up to be a month of concerts and shows and foot stompings. June, we are going to be friends. 

More info about the Shakey Graves + Wild Child + Marmalakes Outside City Limits Tour can be found on the Wild Child Facebook page. 

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