Friday, April 12, 2013

10 Things

1. I know that I wax poetic about missing the beach. A lot. This week, maybe in efforts to quiet this obsessiveness, I was given one the best gifts ever: the beach. A friend, returning from a trip to Florida, brought me back sand and water from the Gulf Coast. My own little jarred paradise.  And yes, water from the Gulf really is that clear.

2. You know that moment where you realize that you are singing out loud, instead of just in your head, at the gym? It is pretty much as awesome as you think it is. If you don't judge me, Mr. tucks his shirt into his running shorts, I won't judge you. (And to the surprise of no one, this was the song I found myself singing)

3. I have taken to referring to the state of Kansas exclusively as the Land of Oz. Why not? So friends across the border, the great and powerful wizard is now your overlord and watch out for flying monkeys.

4. Speaking of geographically located friends; DC friends posting cherry blossoms pictures: I both love and hate you. Washington DC is just so pretty in the spring. P.S. don't stop posting pictures. I am trying to use The Force to get the Dogwood tree in my backyard to bloom. Apparently, The Force is not strong with this one (me).

5. Harrison Ford and the rest of the cast of the movie 42 were in Kansas City today to tour the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum and promote the movie.  I can't decide who is more the perfect guy; Hans Solo or Indiana Jones.  So many pros between them, but one big con: they are both imaginary.  I really want to see 42, but I am way behind my movie watching, I still haven't seen Lincoln OR Les Mis, and I am pretty sure I need to see The Hobbit, like 4 more times. I also need to add the baseball museum and the American Jazz Museum which is next door to my KC bucket list.

6.  Today, April 12th is National Grilled Cheese Day.  Why am I finding out about this when the day is over? News Alerts, every single one of you: FAIL. 

7. I think I need to stop watching end of the world type movies and television shows, I know they are all the rage and demonstrate the strength of us as people to survive, but the more I watch them, the more I am convinced that in any real apocalyptic scenario, I would be the person huddle in a dark corner eating stale crumbs out of a Cheez-It box. 

8. Coachella. Whatever.

9. Do you like tambourine jokes? Of course you do. "Don't Tear Us Apart," is one of my favorite songs from the Dropkick Murphy's latest album, Signed and Sealed in Blood. I was looking for a live version of the song and came across this little gem.  The album was released during the holidays, hence the decor. Also, the  guy in the red sweater is Matt Kelly the drummer. Since it is a acoustic song, he isn't drumming, so he gets a little twitchy. And then at the end of the song are the tambourine jokes.  And for the record, I think I can pull off the tambourine pretty well.

10. Not to be too much of a Debbie Downer, but these days are the "One Year Later," of my dad getting sick. It's hard. Little bits and pieces that I thought were better and starting to scar over are feeling pretty raw again. Thank you all for the random emails and texts I have been getting right when I need them. Sorry for being so horrible about returning and answering them. But thank you for reminding me that I am (still and forever) not alone in this.

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  1. 7 things...
    1-I can't thing of a better song for singing at the gym!
    2-If I could find a way to send you cherry blossoms in a box (and have them not be all squished and gross by the time they got to you), I would.
    3-Harrison Ford in all his variations always equals awesome. By the time I get out there to visit you you ought to be all caught up on movies so I'll go see 42 with you! (and The Hobbit again even)
    4-And visit the American Jazz Museum
    5-National Grilled Cheese day is now on next year's calendar. Check.
    6-You can never have too many tambourines
    7-Loved always! And so, so missed! A plethora of cyber hugs to you!